Functional Ware 

5 Glaze Styles available in Mugs, TeaPots, Plates, Bowls, Jugs, Casseroles, Trays, Goblets & More...

West Coast Bowls, Plate & Mugs
Stoneware - Oven, Microwave & Dishwasher safe.
West Coast Casserole $40+
Stoneware - Oven, Microwave & Dishwasher safe! Various sizes available
"Rainforest" $22+
Rainforest Bowl
Summer Meadow
Summer Meadow - Various $
Stoneware - Oven, Dishwasher, Microwave safe!
Splash Dance Casserole
Price Range $45 - $65
Splash Dance Plates
3 sizes available
Timberland T-Pot
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AWest Coast

Reflects the beauty of our trees and ocean with the turquoise and white glaze combination on an iron based stoneware. 

B. Rainforest 

A copper green semi-matte glaze with a iron glaze that runs down the rim on a flecked stoneware. 

C. Summer Meadow

A new golden yellow & glossy green glaze of our meadows in the alpine regions. 

D. Splash Dance 

A vibrant dance of white & black splashes on a background of rust & denim blue

E. Neutral Nuances

An overlapping of creamy white with black to create a flecked grey.

Available upon Request...

F. New Growth

A soft gentle blending of blue, green to symbolize the tender shoots and soft blues of a spring day.

G. Timberland  

The colours of the forest floor and the beauty of the cedar wood in a temoku & Iron based glaze with black or rust.