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Wild Okanagan

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Welcome to Laurel Jean Studios: Where art meets life.

Whale of a time #2 -close up of RAKU
Whale of a time #2 close up of RAKU


To create with wild and joyful glee is my mission with the following quotes as my personal mottos.

“If the work comes to the artist and says, 'Here I am, serve me,' then the job of the artist, great or small, is to serve." (Madeline L'Engle) 

 "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." (Scott Adams)


The ability to work with the clay to create useful and beautiful objects gives me great satisfaction. As a ceramic artist and painter I find some of my greatest inspirations from nature in the regions I have called home.  The colors, textures & imagery of the Okanagan and the BC Coast find their way into my work. 

West Coast Waters pottery
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