Decorative Pots



Inspirations from the West Coast


The inspiration for the series of "Whale of a Time" Raku Pots began while biking along the seawall in Stanley Park with my family when we spotted two Grey Whales swimming in Burrard Inlet.  As we biked along they seemed to follow us and we were blessed with multiple sightings.  I began to reflect on the amazing diversity of creatures and creation that are around us in the coastal region of British Columbia and began to fashion my pots to reflect these images.  This body of work is mostly created with porcelaineous clay and Raku glazes then fired at a cone 06 reduction in a Raku kiln.  Most of my imagery and patterns in my Candle Pots & other decorative or sculptural work come from the flora and fauna in my garden and also reflect my passion for nature.  I am a potter, painter and teacher with a home studio.





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